Illinois Libraries Keep Patrons Happy in the Digital Age

Illinois library patrons are geared for the digital era and libraries are meeting those needs by providing top-notch service in a variety of ways. With the latest machines and lots of online services, libraries and librarians have risen to become interpreters and providers of technology for fun, research, and lifelong learning.

E-Books and E-Readers

Nooks, Kindles and other e-readers have improved access to books, newspapers and magazines. Many libraries offer e-readers as rentals or to borrow, and these e-readers may come with a small library contained within. Illinois libraries offer patrons the ability to borrow e-books or audio books from their own personal Nook, Kindle, computer, or other e-reader. Having trouble learning to use your new e-reader? Ask a librarian to help you out. Most librarians have been trained to use e-readers and can help you download e-books or audio books for your reading enjoyment.

Access to Online Databases

Illinois libraries offer free online access to encyclopedia articles, magazine articles, newspaper articles, and articles from reference books. This is an invaluable resource for conducting research, finishing homework, and browsing for fun.

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Self Service

It's easy for patrons to access the database or digital card catalog for Illinois libraries. From your own home computer you can find out if the library has a book on the shelf or if it is checked out. Library patrons may also put holds on books and request books through interlibrary loan all from their home computer or from a computer in the library. You can also renew your books online. Via the Internet you may also reserve the use of a computer in the library for one hour. Patrons may also reserve a room for meeting or conference within certain libraries statewide. You can even email a reference question to a librarian who will respond to you within two days.

Websites for Learning

Most Illinois libraries have websites that provide access to book reviews, author interviews, homework help, autism resources, information about Internet safety, and information about furthering education or finding jobs. Check out the website of your local library to see what resources they have that can help you explore ideas, meet goals, and make connections.

Up-To-Date Technology

Most libraries have free wifi and reasonably fast computers. Some Illinois libraries have chosen to include computer gaming systems and games in the library as well.

So come check out your local Illinois library (or just the website) and see how easy it is to connect to the latest technology in a friendly and safe environment. What can your local library do for you in the digital era? It turns out, quite a bit.

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